16 April 2014

Takara Fight! Super Robot Life, 22 - Starscream MIB, unused (#9 of 36)

Following from my previous post, which showcased all the seekers in Japanese packaging, I will now (over time) go through each seeker in more detail.

The first seeker is none other than Starscream himself, the Decepticon Air Commander - he is #9 of 36.

There is not much I can say about Starscream that has not already been said. So, I will be brief and say 2 things:

(1) this post is dedicated to the Cave Collector, one of the most enthusiastic Starscream fans out there (or 'Starscream slut', as he likes to refer to himself as).

(2) this post is done in tandem and perfect timing with Maz's Ceji G1 Starscream quickie post.

Now onto the photos...

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  1. I can still vividly remember the Christmas morning when I was gifted Starscream. Oh to recapture those days...

    1. oh, you don't say. Even now, 30 after the fact, I still wished (and am wishing) that I can recapture those days......

      I never had Starscream when I was young, was never too interested in his colour scheme. The only seeker I had was Thrust.

  2. NIce one, man…For this piece, you are more "starscream slut" than i am...

    1. haha, thanks man. This piece is very necessary for my 01 to 49 mission since it is numbered 22


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