05 April 2014

OKC - display rearrangement - The Decepticon Seekers

Seeker shelves - re-arranged.

I loved the jets when I was young. Skywarp was probably my favourite seeker, but he and Thundercracker were never sold in Singapore, so I had to 'settle' for Thrust, which was the only childhood seeker I had.

As part of a large lot of Transformers I bought from a friend, I also get Japanese boxed 22, 23, 24, D-56 and D-57 - ie: Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ramjet and Thrust respectively.

In a way, this is completion of my Japanese boxed seekers (I've had the USA boxed ones for some years now).

Top row - 22 - Starscream, 23 - Skywarp, 24 - Thundercracker, 89 - Sunstorm (not vintage but an eHobby release).
Second row - USA boxed late stage production sample 'orange canopy' Ramjet, D-56: Ramjet, D-57: Thrust, 97 - Dirge (not vintage, but an eHobby release; this is the first time ever that Dirge came in a Japanese box though).
Bottom row (loose toys) - Starscream (pre-rub), Thundercracker (pre-rub), Skywarp (pre-rub), Sunstorm, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge.

A close up shot of the pre-rub seekers. See the nicely cut Decepticon symbols.


  1. Very nice. Love the seekers.

    1. they are such lovely pieces, especially the pre-rubs =)

  2. This was from Hyperoptic on FB, just thought I'd post it here in the post itself to immortalise it:

    "Very little inspires me these days around Transformers, but each time I see pics of your setup, it brings back that spark, reminding me why I hold on to my collection. In my opinion, your display has no match, so clean and free from KO/reissue fillin bullshit. The unified white of your cases makes everything come together impeccably. And the beauty of it all, is that you never let that go to your head. I admire that about you, [HD]. I know some people that changed by having their collection and display be the central feed for their ego and self-worth as it grew, regardless of how half-assed everything was. Anyways, Thanks for the inspiration, [HD]".


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