28 June 2010

Masterforce D-311: Black Zarak MIB (Part 1)

In my previous updates, I talked about acquiring Black Zarak and also about the weekend that E and myself spent taking it out and cleaning it. I could not take more pictures last week as the weather was bad and daylight was in short supply.

This weekend, E had to go back to the office. When she was out, I decided to have another go at photographing this very sweet piece. 

Before the photos, one little piece of trivial I thought of... Black Zarak's Japanese ID number "D-311" is actually a mirror of Grand Maximus' ID number of "C-311", add to that the fact that they were rivals/counterparts in Masterforce and we have one happy coincidence!

Pictures are here.

The D-311 box. Box Art is absolutely stunning! The box is also in amazing condition. For a toy that is so large and comes with a styrofoam insert tray, there are no tears and no rips on any corner of the box.

Top of box

Bottom of box

Side of box

Back of box

"D-311". Black Zarak is the 311th Destron released by Takara.

Like I said, stunning box art

Another shot of the box art in full

"D-311: Destron Dark Emperor - Black Zarak"

Pictures of Black Zarak from the box

Artwork at the back of the box

Black Zarak's tech specs

More details of Black Zarak at the back of the box. No idea what it says since I can't read Japanese. Maybe it says something like: "If you have balls of steel, insert the Zarak Headmaster into Black Zarak and gamble that it does not break due to GPS". Actually, I wonder if anyone out there had actually ever tried inserting the head into Black Zarak and I wonder what the result would be like.

Black Zarak is worth 6 "Robot Points". Interestingly, his ID number "D-311" is also written on the robot point.

Transformation graphics at the back of the box

NEXT: Black Zarak emerges! (preview below)

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