16 November 2014

The Takara boxed Cybertrons and Destrons Headmasters and Targetmasters MIB

I did these shots, maybe a week or two back, but other than sharing with a few friends on What'sApp, didn't manage to post about them here.

The complete Japanese boxed Targetmasters!

The idea in this series of photographs is to showcase the run of Japanese Takara boxed Headmasters and Targetmasters. As of this writing, I just realised that I have missed out including a number of Headmasters when I was photographing this lot - C-114: Fortress Maximus, C-301: Go-Shooter, C-302: Hosehead, C-303: Minelba, C-311: Grand Maximus, D-93: Mega Zarak, D-99: Apeface and D-100: Snapdragon, D-301: Wilder (Fangry), D-302: Bullhorn (Horri-Bull), D-303: Cancer (Squeezeplay), D-311: Black Zarak.

Ok, so I've missed quite a number. Oh well, better luck next time - I have included links to these pieces on my blog at the end of this post.

So, here we have the Targetmasters and some Headmasters.
Top row: C-105: Sureshot; C-106: Blanker; C-107: Crosshairs
Middle row: D-88: Triggerhappy; D-89: Misfire; D-90: Slugslinger
Bottom row: D-87: Skull (Skullcruncher); D-86: Wolf (Weirdwolf); D-87: Wipe (Mindwipe)

The nine pieces on the right are similar with the above photo, but here I have added in the Cybertron Headmasters.
Right side Top row: C-101: Chromedome; C-102: Hardhead
Right side Bottom row: C-104: Brainstorm; C-103: Highbrow

Another shot of the 'large format' Headmasters.
Top row: C-101: Chromedome; C-102: Hardhead
Middle row: C-104: Brainstorm; C-103: Highbrow
Bottom row: D-87: Skull (Skullcruncher); D-86: Wolf (Weirdwolf); D-87: Wipe (Mindwipe)

Here is a shot of the Takara boxed Destron Targetmasters (top row) with their US Hasbro boxed counterparts (bottom row). Thanks to Ken for the USA box Targetmasters - more shots of them can be seen here: Triggerhappy, Misfire and Slugslinger.

The next two shots are sort of the 'money shot' in this series - they consist of the complete Takara boxed Targetmasters, yes, all of them. Japan has a lot less Targetmasters than the USA. For example, all of the following were never released in Japan in any form: Autobot Targetmasters Hot Rod, Kup and Blurr; Decepticon Targetmasters Cyclonus and Scourge; and the 'junior' Targetmasters Quickmix, Scoop, Landfill, Quake, Spinister and Needlenose.

Top row: C-108: Artfire (more photos here); C-109: Stepper (more photos here)
Middle row: C-105: Sureshot; C-106: Blanker; C-107: Crosshairs
Bottom row: D-88: Triggerhappy; D-89: Misfire; D-90: Slugslinger

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  1. Awesome post, and awesome collection as ever, HD
    The Decepticons Targetmasters are beautiful in their japanese boxes.
    Congrats my friend!!!

  2. Looks like a trip back in time! Those are some good looking boxes. I have to get my grubby hands on an Artfire. One day...

    1. Thanks A. Some are nicer than others to be honest. The Blanker box is a little shot and shabby, but I will slowly upgrade. Artfire is like a unicon, just so difficult to find, I don't really know all the reasons why.

  3. That Artfire is mint! You've done an amazing job collecting all these MIB/MISB pieces man!

    1. Thanks for the kind words again! There is a link in the post which links directly to the post I did on Artfire - lots more photos there if you wish to see. Thanks for dropping by!


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