18 November 2014

Almost all the Takara boxed Destron Headmasters (except D-93: Mega Zarak; D-311: Black Zarak)

Following from my earlier post of the Takara boxed Cybertron and Destron Headmasters (see here), I went back and took a shot of almost all the Destron Headmasters.

Obviously, D-93: Mega Zarak and D-311: Black Zarak are not in the photo. D-93 is in Singapore and not with me in Hong Kong - see here for D-93. D-311 whilst here with me in Hong Kong, is buried so deep in my cabinet and I just could not dig it out in time for the photo - see D-311 here and here.

Left column: D-85: Skull (Skullcruncher); D-86: Wolf (Weirdwolf); D-87: Wipe (Mindwipe). D-85 I bought from my usual shop; D-86 and D-87 I bought off of Yahoo HK.

Middle column: D-99: Apeface; D-100: Snapdragon. Both of these I bought as a set from my usual shop here in HK.

Right column: D-301: Wilder (Fangry), D-302: Bullhorn (Horri-Bull), D-303: Cancer (Squeezeplay). D-301 and D-302 I bought off separate sellers from Yahoo HK. D-303 was from Devstar37.

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