26 February 2012

G1 Transformers "Canadian red faced Slag" with his fellow Dinobots

I was heartened with the reception to the previous 2 "Canadian Slag" posts either directly on my blog, through emails or through Message Boards (forums). Thanks guys, you know who you are!

Previously, I wrote about acquiring this rare gem. Then I did a comparison between the "regular" G1 Slag and the "Canadian" G1 Slag, which really in a nutshell showed the key reasons why anybody'd want a Canadian Slag.

Today, I took a few shots of Canadian Slag after he had been integrated with his fellow Dinobots (and fellow Dino-cassettes, if I can be so bold).

Dinobots in the middle and background; Dino-cassettes in the foreground. I have placed them near Wheeljack and Ratchet, who 'created' them.

Another shot from a slightly higher vantage point. Back row of Dinobots - Snarl, Grimlock and Sludge; middle row of Dinobots - Swoop and Slag.

A frontal shot focusing on the 5 Dinobots.

Man, the Dinobot family looks gorgeous. For maximum cartoon fidelity, I'll need to start hunting for the Diaclone blue-chest Swoop....

Wish me luck,

~ HD


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  1. hey looks great I got a red slag, i bought a KO blue swoop...vector sigma? do you also have botcon A3 like me?

    1. hiya, no BotCon A3. I do have BotCon 2007 Alpha Trion though. And I don't do KOs, so KO blue Swoop is out of the question for me, although I would really love a blue Swoop (diaclone).


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