02 July 2010

Headmasters C-114: Fortress Maximus MIB (Part 1)

Here is the largest Transformer ever made, in the best version that has been released so far - Japanese box Fortress Maximus.

Why is this the 'best' version?

Here are some of my reasons, not necessarily in order of priority, and anyone is entitled to disagree with me:
  1. Kick-ass box art, much nicer than the US release box art and also nicer than C-311: Grand Maximus' box art.
  2. Overall box graphics is nicer than the US release.
  3. Comes with the Master Sword, the largest Transformers sword ever made. Makes Star Saber's blade look like a toothpick.
  4. Comes with small black sword for Cerebros.
  5. Japanese bio card and lots of paperworks.
I bought this from a guy from Hong Kong a few years back and so far, its still one of the more pristine Fortress Maximus' I've seen. It's not exactly in 'unused' condition but all the stickers have been expertly applied and there is hardly any wear on the figure.
I'd rate this figure:
Box: C9.0
Figure: C9.5
Stickers: C9.0
Awesomeness: 10!!!

Presenting, the Fortress Maximus... outer box.


I love the way large G1 Transformers are always photographed in a diorama of sorts with very detailed background props.

Before it became gambling land, Macau used to make Transformers. "Takara Co., 1987, Made in Macau".

I have no idea why I took this photo. It's not like the bar code is scan-able on today's machines.

Fortress Maximus is worth 13 Robot Points. Imagine that, 13! Like Black Zarak, and I suspect many if not all the Japanese boxed TFs, the Fortress Maximus' ID number "C-114" is on the robot point itself.

Tech Specs

Chest meter gimmick showing Fort Max's stats. Hard to believe this giant has a speed of "10".

Transformation sequence, usually reserved for the top of US boxes.

Next: I let the big boy loose! (preview below)


  1. I have to agree with you that i also like the japanese version better. But i don't know if they are still being sold in japan, in stores like Akihabara

  2. Hi there, h_d bro! Wah the whole thing looks very awesome indeed! Wonder how much you bought this giant beautiful toy for? Sigh, loverly pics, but it's out of my price range, im afraid! Congrats!

  3. hey Michael, far as I know, C-114s are not difficult to find in either HK or Akihabara Japan. Its a pretty common piece but expect to pay around SGD$1500 to $1800.

    hey adam, haha, not revealing the price for this piece. heh.

  4. Ohhh, Ic. then i guess its almost the same price i saw in the black zarak, you've taken in akihabara, which cost around 115,000 Yen i think.

    thats good news if its very common in japan, that will make my trip next year, a little exciting. Thanks!

  5. Awesome piece!!! I agree, it is indeed the best version of FortMax. The weapons alone make the difference.

    However, the FortMax sword is not the largest TF sword ever. The credit goes to the Super God Sword, included on the Japanese God Fire Convoy Clear Giftset. It is basically the same sword (blue colored) but the Hilt add up height. Its 2 feet long (60 cm), surpasing even FortMax height by 2 in. (5 cm).

    Just a geeky fact.

    Great blog, BTW.


  6. Hoy one in the Box still never use brandy new


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