23 June 2014

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform 16-Megatron (#16 of 36)

This is #16 of 36.... Takara 16-Megatron. Lots of sixes.

So, below we have... (loose piece) Megatron from my Goodbye Megatron giftset, #16-Megatron and USA boxed Megatron.

The USA boxed Megatron is one of my all time favourite USA pieces and you can see why here.

Now, we look at the Japanese piece - as can be seen, it comes in a really small and compact box.

This is 16-Megatron out of the box.  This Japanese version of Megatron has no attachments (ie: no barrel, scope or stock attachments like the USA released Megatron has). What it has is a pellet firing and 2 rows of pellets and silver gun and sword.

Close ups

This is a comparison between the Goodbye Megatron and #16 Megatron. 16-Megatron has blue innards and no attachments, no fusion cannon. I won't go into too much detail here because I think that my buddy over at Mostly Transformers Redux has already set out the differences quite clearly. For Arkvander's article on 16-Megatron, please see here.

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  1. wow thats really cool, first time I have seen Takara Megatron in box, everytime I see that darker gray type of plastic I think that it might be a more heavier/stronger type of plastic. if that makes sense.
    Is this thing rare?, I dont see many collectors owning this.

    1. hiya, well, opinions differ as to whether this is rare or not. Personally, I do not think it is that rare, because I have seen it many times in person before. However, to US or UK based collectors, it might be considered rare, because it does not turn up there so often.

      For the plastic, I think it's likely exactly the same as other releases with a chrome colouration - just that this piece is not chromed (which is basically a coat of 'paint' over otherwise bland plastic).


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