28 July 2013

More acquisitions - Quakewave (aka Shockwave), Terminus Hexatron (aka Sixshot) and Generations Trailcutter (aka Trailbreaker)

The story here is - still very busy. And weekend was good, spent time with E, who didn't have to work this weekend. So in short, not a lot of opportunity to update, but here it is - another update!

As part of my consolidated acquisitions post on 23 July, I updated that I bought FT-03: Quakewave, aka Shockwave. Here are some more pics of this absolutely amazing figure.

CA-12 Downforce and 02 x FT-03: Quakewave, 1 for me and 1 on behalf of a friend.

From what I can tell online, mine is the third wave of Quakewaves - therefore, it comes with lots of extra goodies. The matte coloured fist and laser gun comes free.

Here is Quakewave laid out with all the parts it comes with - the purple parts form another left arm, where the 'hose' is on the underside of the arm. Great that FanToys is giving fans a choice of how and where the want the hose to be.

Yes, it lights up too!

Masterpiece Soundwave and FT Quakewave. As you can see, the scale is pretty spot on for the MP line.

FT Quakewave side by side with G1 Shockwave. They look similar, but the legs makes all the difference - the G1 version has what I would term 'chicken legs', skinny and scrawny (think also G1 Superion), but the FT Quakewave 'fixes' that and Shockwave is now properly bulky. There is no sacrifice in transformation or alternate mode though, because Quakewave's gun mode is just as nice as the G1 incarnation.

Now with Decepticon insignia. I rate Quakewave very highly, easily a 8 / 10 toy. Beautifully sculpted, easy to transform, nice proportions, a great homage to G1 Shockwave. It'd be near 10 /10 if the shade of purple was closer to G1 Shockwave (but we fans can't win them all).


MMC - Terminus Hexatron, aka Sixshot

After months and months of waiting and months and months of delays, this ultimate Phase 6-er is finally here, and in style too.... look of how many of them there are!

Oh, I also bought Hasbro's release of Trailcutter (aka Trailbreaker), when I picked up Hexatron.

Hexatron comes with a book-style type box.

Close up of this highly detailed piece.

Very nice inside art. Very Asian type manga style.

Out of the package and showing its contents.

Close up - just look at the detail and its solid construction.

So, some cool figures - Quakewave, Hexatron, Blitzwing, The Fallen. No prizes for which is the worst figure out of this lot of 4.

Quakewave and Hexatron, scale is pretty spot on.

'There, there, you'll get to destroy a planet soon enough...'


Oh, more shots of Quakewave because this is such an awesome figure. No lights.

Lights on! 'Cybertron will remain as you leave it. Have a safe journey, Megatron.'


  1. I enjoyed seeing Shockwave paired with Sixshot, very reminiscent of the last two issues of Dreamwave's vol. 3 ongoing. what WAS Shockwave's secret! why did he construct a war machine like Sixshot for!?!? was he planning to fight against or with Unicron?!? dreamwave is dearly missed (in which idw has done little to quench for me(though i do enjoy the pre-earth Cybertron stories(like Megatron Origin in which you blogged of which i enjoyed!))). thanks for showing!

    1. hiya! I kind of miss DW and I kind of don't. I was very interested to see the Female Autobots story arc that vol3 is leading up to and why Prime is carrying Elita-1.

      IDW has done good things with TFs. Most of the Furman stuff is nice; the stand alone series’ were good (eg: Last Stand of the Wreckers), the Spotlights are good, Robots in Disguise is good…. and More Than Meets the Eye by James Roberts, is out-of-this-world-awesome. However, equally so, 99% of the Mike Costa stuff was BORING and the McCarthy stuff (All Hail Megatron) was a forgettable mess.

      A lot of hit and miss. But for MTMTE, you just can’t go wrong. If I could only read 1 series this year, MTMTE would be *it*.

  2. Come to think of it, all four(and Soundwave) you have pictured have relevance to one another in Dreamwave! it was Sixshot who picked up the charred remains of Blitzwing's head(loyal subject of Shockwave), annnd we found out from Simon Furman in recent years to what would've been issue 14 with Shockwave freeing The Fallen. all you need in Sunstorm and Skyfire in that pic! imaging how who was going to be the baddest of the bunch? with the threats of Predaking, Sixshot and Cyclonus! oh my!

    1. Funny you say that, because a friend recently passed me my MP-Sunstorm! He could be part of a picture soon, who knows. No Cyclonus in that scale though, so that is hard to fix. Skyfire could be a possibility because there is some third party that is doing a Skyfire I think. I hope its FansToys, or MMC….

  3. You can't see Shockwave the same way again once you've seen "Shockwave's Burden" on YouTube.

    Since Quake Wave is the star of this article, I am assuming Terminus Hexatron is not as good?

    1. "Shockwave's Burden" was AMAZING!!!!!!! along with all those other DR. SMOOV g1 parodies! 'Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime' was also grand! very spot on with how well the voice actors sounding just like the originals! Heroic Decepticon, if you havnt seen what we're talking about, GO WATCH IT NOW!!!!!

    2. hmmm... i've not seen any of these. I will have to watch them.


      Hexatron is a nice piece and beautifully sculpted. But Quakwave wins out in its sheer simplicity, clean lines and easy transformation - yet it hits all the right notes for the character in both modes.

    3. Have you seen them yet? if not, here!



  4. I absolutely love Quakewave, I honestly don't think Takara or Hasbro can do a better job with a MP Shockwave so that was my reasoning with purchasing him :)

    1. I absolutely agree with you buddy!

      I honestly don’t think anyone can do a better Shockwave. Transformation was amazingly intuitive; the sculpt was spot on with G1 and has flavors of IDW’s Shockwave mixed in. I love the stubby thick legs that is so reminiscent of the G1 cartoon and my main gripe with G1 Shockwave – chicken legs.

      Admittedly, I would have liked a darker shade of purple, to make it look more like the G1 colour, but I recognize that this shade of purple is accurate with how he is portrayed in current media – ie: the IDW comics. So its all good!


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