03 July 2013

Operation Combination TF-01: Sixbuilder MIB, unused (#1 of 36)

This is the first piece of a large batch of vintage TFs that I recently acquired - in total, there will be approximately 35 pieces, this is #1 of 35. But I'm going to keep mum on what I got, for now.

I feel so dumb for having to buy this again.


At one point, I had all 10 pieces of the Operation Combination series, and for some unfathomable reason, I decided to sell all the vintage 6 robot combiners and went and got the reissues. Go figure. I'm lost for answers.

So here it is, TF-01: Sixbuilder MIB, unused. The box art is stunning. Why did I ever sell these and now am buying them back? No idea.

This is the back of box. Notice the 2 members that has 'Devastator' like colours.

Bottom of box. For the 'six-cominbers', this is where the tech specs is located.

Out of packaging and unused sticker sheet.

Instructions sheet.

Unused sticker sheet. I'll probably use it to sticker the toys. Notice that a lot of the stickers are for the windows of the MMs in vehicle mode. Why did Takara not bother to paint said windows, I have no idea.

2500 yen, back then. Probably US$250 on the open market now. Nuts.

Some more shots of the MMs vehicles.

All in all, I really like this set. It's nice, the colour combination works and it comes in a compact, giftset like package.


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  1. awesome, love the six combiners

    1. thanks dude.
      I'm more a fan of the box art then the toys, haha.

  2. A-WE-SO-ME!!!

    Really, I also don´t know why did you sell yours before XD
    I have the reissues, but want to buy these ones in any near future...

    The box, the pictures, the colors, styrofoam!!! Is beautiful man. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    The best phrase in the article is this one (for sure!!!):
    "This is the first piece of a large batch of vintage TFs that I recently acquired - in total, there will be approximately 40 pieces."

    WOW, 40 pieces!!! I want to see all of them!!! XD
    So, c´mon, here we go!!!

    Kindest regards from Spain ^^

    1. I sold mine to a good friend from Aussie to help him complete his Operation Combination series. 1 piece of the 5 six-combiners went to a TFW member if I recall correctly.

      They went to good homes. I'm not upset about where they landed, but just feel dumb for having to buy another piece, haha.

      I will unveil these 'new' pieces progressively, so stay tuned! =)

  3. I envy those that are able to get MIB Japanese figures just for the box art alone. That is gorgeous. I'm shocked that you sold the originals to get the reissues, shocked I say. Bulk purchase of 40? That's interesting that you're keeping mum on it. I imagine there are quite a few rare pieces in this purchase. Can't wait to read about it!

    1. Yeah, it's shocking. Haha. But I have explained why above.
      One of my great joys is to help friend and fellow like-minded collectors with things that they cannot find or is difficult for them to find. I think i derived more joy from that than owing a 'rare' piece myself.

      The 40 pieces are epic. But in my mind, i don't think that that many of them are necessarily rare, but they are things from the early years of TFs and stuff I really like a lot. =)

  4. Yes, I also have no idea why you would sell those for the reissues. Plus the boxes are beautiful. Congrats on your haul!

    1. Haha, yes, difficult to fathom why i used reissues to replace the originals. (but have explained above).

      Wack me in the face, quick!

  5. So, during the time after you sold the originals for reissues... Did you happen to wake up in a suite with a tiger, a baby, and two of your friends in it? Kidding. I can relate in some ways, as I had moments where I would have preferred a reissue over an original. Because of the pressures tied to value, rarity, and such.

    In all cases, all I know is that, according to GT-R Saber's paperwork, he is the team's 8th Commander. I am assuming that, like Ginrai (anime, not manga), he became Supreme Commander between series while being team leader beforehand. But yeah! Congrats on the haul, and I cannot see what else you got. :)

    1. Haha, or maybe I was just knocked out and someone took the originals. Like I said above, it was to help out 2 buddies / fellow collectors. I didn't really mind. And at that point I went on a Singapore trip where I found all the reissues for $40 each, so not bad.

      Not sure about the GTR series, for that, I will need to defer to the Mighty Maz!

    2. Heh. Or maybe you thought you were helping a friend, but actually helped Sosuke Aizen instead. But yeah... One of the reasons why I am revamping my collection is so I could help out a friend who is also a collector. So I can understand that. :)

      And with Transformers GT, the best part is the history they teach new fans. :) And on the paperwork, it mentioned something about how he was the Cybertron Commander at that time. So all I can say is that Takara Tomy doing that is a-Maz-ing. ;)

  6. One day. One day I'll own one of the Micromaster combiners...

    1. Maybe you can buy mine, and then I can go round three in having to search for them once more! (kidding!)

  7. Once again HD I marvel at all of your fabulous finds and the true purity of your collection.

    I can't even imagine owning Operation Combination once, let alone being able to let them go and then having the resolve/good fortune to find them in this shape again!

    Can't wait for the new reveals!!!!


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