22 May 2012

And now, the Maximii - USA boxed Fortress Maximus, Japanese boxed C-114: Fortress Maximus, C-311: Grand Maximus, Japanese boxed C-27: Brave Maximus and Sonokong Korean boxed C-27: Brave Maximus

Almost exactly 4 years ago, I decided to obtain a MIB Fortress Maximus. Then, I struggled to decide which particular MIB version of Fortress Maximus to acquire. 

As it turned out, I eventually went for the acquired the Japanese boxed version C-114: Fortress Maximus. I would like to note that while I am in possession of C-114, I no longer have legal ownership of it, because it has been declared to belong to E! =)

Recently, as part of my Calm before the Storm series of acquisitions, I acquired a US box for Fortress Maximus from a TFW seller.

Here are some comparison shots.

Thankfully, both the US version and the Jap version, in a very rare instance, are the same size!

The Devastator giftset and Sixshot boxes are use to show just how large Fort Maxes are, don't mess with them!

Back of box comparison.

Another shot of back of boxes.

Transformation sequence for US box Fortress Maximus

Transformation sequence for Japanese box C-114: Fortress Maximus. The sequences appear to the slightly different between the 2 boxes. Also, I noticed that the US version has darker blue parts while the Jap version has lighter blue parts. I'm not sure whether this is a genuine variation between each particular regular release or just a difference between the toy used for the photography.

Top of box comparison.

Side of box comparison. US boxed Fortress Maximus has a landscape layout that does not lend itself well to being seen from the side.

Comparison of the other side. Basically both of their sides of boxes are identical.

Acquiring the US boxed Fortress Maximus actually completes the circle for me - E and I now have each regular release Maximus mold MIB! What a milestone.

And now, the money shot, of sorts....
From left to right: US boxed Fortress Maximus, C-114: Fortress Maximus MIB, C-311: Grand Maximus MIB, C-27: Brave Maximus (Japanese boxed), C-27: Brave Maximus (Korean boxed, Sonokong version).


  1. wow...well done. I really adore your Transformers G1 collection.
    Fortress Maximus is simply awesome.
    Do you know why the points for each release is different? The US version is 16 points while the Japanese version is 13 points.

    1. Good point you make there about the Robot Points! If anything, I would have thought that C-114 should have more points if only because it has a large sword and small sword too. Maybe things are just bigger and more in the US, heh

  2. Well I think you have officially crossed the obsessed border, five MIB Fort Max's and variations! I don't think I have ever seen anyone else do this, kudos!

    I really like how Fort Max looks next to C-114, it will be amazing when you get all of them together! I think we'll need a city shot of all five :)

    1. Actually, there is still ONE more, but it's not a regular release. It's the Lucky Draw C-27: Brave Max with all of the FM parts and Master Swords, in a completely White "lucky draw" style box. This one would be difficult....

  3. Replies
    1. hahaha, strangely the responses to this post is mostly 2 word phrases...!


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