30 March 2012

TFCC "empty box" Over-Run has been replaced

Remember the TFCC Over-Run (aka Runabout) debacle from a about 10 days ago?

The one where FunPub mailed me 4 Over-Runs, but 1 box was completely empty? I called them and told them about it and they promised to mail out another one to me.

Well, I'm glad to report that they did indeed mail out another one to me and that I received it on Friday last week (23 March 2012). Looking at the dates, I'm impressed that they actually got the toy to me in about a week only, which is very fast and shows that if they wanted to, can actually ship items quickly.

Kudos and thanks to Karen at FunPub!

~ HD


  1. Kudos indeed! I am seriously hoping that this is how they do things now. :3 Now lets hope that he and Runamuck (if you get him) do not cause you any trouble. ;)

    Oh... And if they do... Blame Hot Rod. ;)

    1. It's good that they resolved the issue quick, if not my patience would really have been tested.
      If they cause me trouble, I'll blame Rodimus Prime!

    2. *rubs chin* Well... That would explain why he returned as a Micromaster version of Hot Rod in "Return of Convoy". :p

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