24 March 2012

Obscure Transformers' Website is such a delight

I've actually come across this site some years ago, read it on and off and then sort of forgotten about it (sorry). Over the past few days, I rediscovered it and have been reading whole segments of it without pause.

It is a very well researched site, jam packed with obscure information, things that I've seen but not fully appreciated. Above all, it is witty and on more than one occasion made me laugh out.

What's this site I'm talking about?

It's The Obscure Transformers Website, written by 2 persons whose handles are Jhiaxus and Monzo, not their real names, I'd wager.

Head over and have a look. I'll wait. In fact go read it now and come back to my site tomorrow, I don't mind. The site is awesome.

(banner on right is mirrored from their site).


You're back? Did you like it?

Here are some of my favourites...

Favourite section is the "Parts" section. It's well documented, its fun, and it brings back G1 cartoon memories that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside - Hound's holograms, Ironhide's glue guns, Jazz's grappling hook, Mirage's invisibility... The sheer creativity of writers and artists to imbue early G1 TFs (ie: the Ark crew) with so many funky extra abilities and gadgets to make each character more than meets the eye (pun), all tidily recorded and documented on the site for the fandom's enjoyment.

Most intriguing section is the one on how many TFs (and people) has actually held the sacred Matrix.

Most humorous write up (so far, since I have not read them all) is the Crosscut article in the Obscure US Characters section - this just cracked me up good: "Crosscut was far too much of a "Hi-then-die" character to judge exactly what he was like. He LOOKED totally unimpressive. He's not a character you'd take seriously on visual impressions. Does he have ANY advantages? Not really... I mean the guy didn't even get a colour scheme! (He was shown, as the pictures demonstrate, all yellow from an energy glow, and in silhouette exploding.)"

Also, I've learned stuff from the site. When I bought Transformers United UN-27: Windcharger and Wipe Out, I was saying to myself 'yeah, I want a nice Windcharger with a beautiful tampographed Autobot symbol and not some reveal the shield crass, but who the heck is this black repaint next to him? Wipe Out, who?'.

As it turns out, Wipe Out is actually an obscure Transformer than appeared in Marvel US issue #27. And I learnt that at The Obscure Transformers Website first!

PS: even TF Wiki appears to have gotten their reference from the Obscure Transformers site (see here, scroll to bottom).

~ HD


  1. It is a great site. Monzo even got his date of birth on Universe Onslaught's license plate!

    1. Wow, that's cool. I'm still reading the site everyday, that is how cool it is.

  2. Ha ha ha! What a great find! Thanks for the link...

    Aaaaannnnnnddd BookmarkeD!

    1. Tell me which parts you like after you've had a read!


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