23 May 2011

Osaka Day 3 - The final raid

As the title says, I just went on my final raid...

... and the results were...
  1. MT-09 MIB
  2. C-308: Doubleclouder MIB
  3. Sixliner MIB, unused, unopened stickers packet
  4. D-16: Megatron MIB
  5. D-101: Soundblaster MIB
  6. Headrobots Black Cobra (Osaka exclusive)
  7. Headrobots Green Cobra
  8. FansProjects City Commander upgrade kit
  9. 10 x vintage animated cartoon Laser Discs (labelled "VSL") - Botch, you would appreciate these; I got many of the "2010" sleeves, heh.
  10. Misc books and brochures
  11. Henkei Ratchet loose
  12. Transformers Generations Lucky Draw God Primus MISB
I am now thinking about one more purchase... one that I dreamt of the night before I flew to Osaka... mulling, pondering, considering...

I am going for my French Toast first...


Update - 5pm - At the airport

I`m at the airport now.

Man, its been raining the ENTIRE day here in Osaka. I had to walk through 10 mins of rain tugging thousands of dollars worth of TFs to the train station (fortunately, i have bubble wrapped, waterproofed and packed each one beforehand). This is arguably one of my largest hauls - 1 luggage, 1 backpack, 2 large handcarry rectangular paperbags... and 90% of the stuff is not for myself.

I almost slipped and crushed a paperbag of TFs as I was entering the airport monorail.

I think I need to get new shoes.

Went to the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge and it was so packed with people and so tiny (and claustrophobic) that I decided the openess of the airport outside was much preferable. So much for these additional perks!


*Update 5 June 2011*

I have decided to update with photos and additional commentary.

My once again wholesome breakfast today.

Like mentioned above, I missed out on doing a huge raid of Hero Gangu and Entertainment Jungle yesterday evening, so today, I had to make up for it.

Got lots of stuff.

3rd party custom products. Notably, the Osaka exclusive black cobra headrobot.

C-308: Doubleclouder MIB.

Sixliner MIB, unused, C9 overall.

C-369 (MT-9) for my buddy Seb from Hero Gangu. D-16: Megatron from Entertainment Jungle, also for Seb.

D-101: Soundblaser MIB for E

Transformers Generations Deluxe lucky draw item God Primus MIB for myself (was pondering for some time over this because its more than I had in mind to be paying for this... but caved in the end!)

Lots of 'vintage' Laser Discs from Hero Gangu

1985 vintage Gramophone LP with Bluestreak box art from Hero Gangu

This is a photo that I convinced the owner of Hero Gangu to let me snap before I left the shop. This is the one I had to really think hard about. I had finished acquiring all the above and went back to the hotel to pack and to mull over the "Marlboor" edition Wheeljack. I know its a very rare piece, but it was also not cheap. But then, it is also so rare to be able to find a C10 untouched specimen of this figure. but then... ok, enough indecision... (this will be a story for another post).

On the way home. Train ticket to the airport.

I insisted on hand-carrying all my Transformers. As can be seen, my hand carry items (no check in) took up the entire overhead compartment!

Back home and just given E her Soundblaster!


  1. Man, now that looks a little bit better! ;)
    I hope that most of that haul is for you dude, a good mixture of MIB goodies along with some reading material. :D

    Those Laser Discs sound rather interesting too, I look forward to when you do a write-up of those as well as...

    OMG: MISB Lucky Draw God Primus! :O

    (I am now thinking about one more purchase... one that I dreamt of the night before I flew to Osaka... mulling, pondering, considering...)

    Do it, do it, do it, do it... :P

  2. hey Hursti! (at the airport now)

    Actually, about 60% of those are for other collector buddies. My own stuff are the fan customs abd LDs.... heh.

    Okay, I went and gotten the last purchase... this is arguably the RAREST diaclone out there... even rarer than Reflector, Swoop, Police car white Sunstreaker or blue Bluestreak... guess which one? =)

  3. Great haul for 3 days work there HD, envious of C-308 and D-16 indeed. Hmmm blue ultra magnus? blue trailbreaker? Someone blue? Hehe no idea actually but im sure its top quality!

  4. maybe would be yellow trailbreaker or the marlboor wheeljack?

  5. Wow!

    My guess: Black Tracks? :)

    Looking forward to some awesome posts HD.

  6. Hi Heroic D,

    May I know did you see any Henkei Rodimus on this recent trip? If yes, how much is it in Sing $? Tks!

    Curryang fr SG

  7. Well,
    I'm just glad to see that your coming away with some cool items dude as it's a shame that things didn't go quite as planned with the cassettes. :(

    That fan custom stuff is always good, especially by the 2 companies that make those particular ones, but those Laser Discs dude - They're truly treasures indeed! :)

    My guess for the rare Diaclone purchase would have to be... Ooh! - Is it Devastator? :D

    Hope you have a safe trip back home dude and I look forward greatly to your more in depth write-ups. ;)

  8. The diaclone is one of the 2 Andres guessed. Heh.

    Gdmetro, is black tracks rarer or red tracks? Hmmm...I guess Andres would know!

    Gary, yup saw lots of Henkei Rodimus, prices are abt 9500 yen thereabouts. This seems to be the usual price for that piece, but it's otherwise pretty common. I saw it all over Tokyo too when I was there in Feb.

  9. Re: tracks

    I don't know. My guess was based on 5 mins of google research- it was not thorough.

    I based my guess from this:

    All their articles on pre-tf:

    It is certainly an interesting read for me- I don't know much more about pre-tfs besides what you have covered in your posts. But I'm not sure how up to date this information is.

    Although I'm sure experts such as Andres would have a way better idea. :)

  10. @ gdmetro: Hmm... yeah, I'm sure about what is the objective standard for whether diaclones are rare. I guess it must depend on each person's experience. However, if we judge rarity by say, how many times it turns up on eBay, then I think Swoop, blue Bluestreak and Marlboor Wheeljack are up there with the rare ones... heh.


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