10 October 2013

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 5 Chase figures - Alloy coated Convoy with Matrix and Ghost of Starscream

Previous post - Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 4 Chase figures - Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai and metallic Grimlock

It's been some time since my previous SCF post - the last SCF post was in May this year, a good 5 months ago.

Something posted by a good buddy, Arkvander, finally made me get off my behind to post more about SCFs - here, Arkvander talks about 2 of his custom SCF figures and also photographs them with the chase alloy coated Convoy, which is the subject of this post. Some coincidence?


Previously, I have talked about the chase figures for ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3 and ACT 4.

So far, except perhaps for the ACT 4 chase figures, each ACTs' chase figures have been highly desirable, special and has an undeniable place in Transformers lore, mythos and history.

For ACT 5 of the Takara's SCF line, the 2 chase figures are:
  1. Alloy coated Convoy with Matrix; and
  2. Ghost of Starscream
- Alloy coated Convoy with Matrix -

Cartoon incarnation - looking good in silver Prime!

To be honest, this is one of my favourite SCF chase figures. The colour scheme may seem blend, but it just works. Matte silver with a blue crystal Matrix half opened works so well for this figure. 

The Matrix looks stunningly beautiful.

SCF and cartoon renditions

- Ghost of Starscream -

Since G1, with almost every line of Transformers that has Starscream also has the 'ghost of Starscream' in some way, shape or form. Mostly, the ghost version of Starscream will be some sort of exclusive, and in the case of the SCF figures, a chase figure.

E like transparent toys - so this figure immediately became hers when I got it.

Ghost of Starscream in the G1 cartoon.

This figure, like the alloy coated Convoy is done very well. It is very pretty. I have no idea how Takara did the arms for example, where part of it is clear transparent and another part, which is molded as one piece, is transparent blue.

Back view of the figure.

I think Octane is half transformed mode, is scarier than ghost Starscream.

The 2 ACT 5 chase figures together

Ghost of Starscream with reformatting Megatron... quite appropriate, I thought.


  1. I remember using Ultra Magnus sans armor as my alloy coated Prime. There's something about a translucent figure that makes it beautiful.

    1. which version of UM did you use? One of the reissue ones?

    2. No, the original G1 version. When I was a kid, I just repurposed the cab as alloy coated Prime. Luckily, I didn't have access to paint or else all of my TFs would've been red!

    3. Yeah, i can see that the G1 UM cab would work. In fact, the plastic wheels version cab is even better - since its all white and there is no paint and no chrome.

  2. Looking to buy these two CHASE pieces

    Alloy Optimus
    Ghost of Starscream

    Any idea where I can do that?

  3. Any idea where I can buy these two pieces?

    Alloy Optimus
    Ghost of Starscream

  4. I am still here looking for these two PVC CHASE pieces;

    Alloy Optimus Prime
    Ghost of Starscream

    Anyone have an idea who & where might have these or collectibles like this? Lil help please...


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