11 September 2012

G1 Transformers Scourge, assortment #1, painted top

I bought this sometime ago.

I bought this from one of my favourite online sellers, the legendary "Sector-17 Trading Post" ran by TF fan extrodinare, Specimen-17 (who also contributed to my Vanguard article).

There isn't that much to say about this piece that I have not already said online over the years, except that I love it and that I've always had a soft spot for Scourge, since young. I don't know why, but something about him just works. Perhaps the colour scheme, perhaps its the alternate mode? It could even be that beard!

Oh, and the fact that he is metamorphosed from the dead remains of Thundercracker really helps too. And then, to add another random fact, I edited his Targetmaster box art for Botch's Box Art Archive too.

And then we get to the toy - "this is such an awesomely pristine piece" was my first though when I got him. What's so special about this piece? Well, it's actually the 'rarer' first assortment release of Scourge that has the painted top, unlike later releases which has a stickered top.

I have one other painted top Scourge, so this piece will join the ranks, but its so awesome, I just might not remove it from its packaging....

Back of the box, only a slight flap crease.

Released in 1986.

This was made in Japan. I believe the later releases were probably made in Macau or Taiwan.

Still in insert! Unused paperworks.

What a beauty!


  1. Great find buddy! It's in awesome shape! I think the scourge I had from childhood was also the painted top version. Is the painted top referring to the dark blue portion where the decepticon insignia is? I didn't know there were stickered variations.

    1. Thanks buddy!
      Yes, the "painted top" is referring to the hovercraft top, the part under the Decepticon sticker - the painted top version is dark blue painted on that portion with a Decepticon symbol on it. The "sticker version" is where the entire top has a piece of dark blue sticker on it and where the Decepticon symbol is part of that 2 large pieces of stickers.


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