13 September 2012

Diaclone dino-robo No.5 Swoop vs Transformers G1 regular release Swoop

Today we talk about Swoop. Yes, the Dinobot Swoop.

Here he is...

Cartoon accurate Dinobots

I have also previously compared the Canadian red faced Slag with the regular USA released Slag, just as now I will compare the Diaclone dinosaur robo No.5 Swoop ("Diaclone Swoop") with the regular USA released Swoop ("G1 Swoop").

First, a bird's eye view of the birdies... the eagle eyed should be able to spot some differences already (just ignore my yellow G1 Swoop's beak)

Left - Diaclone Swoop; Right - G1 Swoop

Beak - Diaclone Swoop has a sharp beak with metalised lower beak

Beak - G1 Swoop has a rounded beak and no chromed lower beak.

Back of Diaclone Swoop - the type of screws used are different from G1 Swoop.

Back of G1 Swoop

Lower beak - Comparison of the lower beak.

Missiles - gold chromed missiles for Diaclone Swoop; no chrome missiles for G1 Swoop.

Tail - Diaclone Swoop - angular and 'sharp'

Tail - G1 Swoop - rounded

Wheels - wheel in chest

Wheels - wheel in chest

Wheels - Diaclone Swoop, real movable wheels; G1 Swoop, cast in fake wheels.

Wheels - Diaclone Swoop, real movable wheels; G1 Swoop, cast in fake wheels.

Wheels - G1 Swoop, cast in fake wheels.

Wings - Diaclone Swoop's is sharp
Stamping - "Takara Co Ltd, 1980, 1984, Japan"

Wings - G1 Swoop's is rounded
Stamping - "Hasbro, 1980, 1984; Takara Co Ltd, 1980, 1984, Japan"


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  1. Nice! I had no idea that the differences were that great. Very nice.

    1. For Swoop, the differences were indeed big. Actually, there are appreciable differences between the Diaclone dinos and the TF dinos...

  2. Wow, seeing the two together is very interesting. The Diaclone looks very nice with all that sexy chrome, especially the beak. Strange that the rear wheels don't actually touch the ground though.

    Hmmm, chromaliscious!

    1. heh, yes, the Diaclone version is just a touch of class better, with all the bling!

  3. I think Swoop's missiles, beak, and feet had the misfortune to be on the same sprue (or possibly sprues) as the team's swords and Slag's horns. The swords got cast in soft plastic to spare them from being turned into butterknives (like Blitzwing's sword was), which meant that they couldn't be chromed since the process doesn't work on soft plastic. This would of course also affect any parts sharing the sprue(s), hence poor Swoop's loss of his gold chrome for the TF release. The fake wheels are presumably owed to a need to match height with the real one in his chest but the soft plastic being judged unable to properly hold real wheels.

  4. Also: Oh, there's your Sludge. Did you not have him at the time of the vs. Devastator pic?

    1. ...Never mind... Sludge is in that, he's just mostly obscured by Grimlock and Slag <.>

  5. Have you been able to figure out where the heck the Dianaut figure is supposed to go on this mold?


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