27 June 2012

G1 1987 Japanese exclusive Headmasters - Kirk, Rodney and Loafer

In a few days I will be in Osaka once more.

The last time I was there, I did not have the 1987 Japanese exclusive Headmaster heads, these were still eluding more. I did see a bunch of KO ones, but did not manage to nab the real deal. Almost a year on, I have acquired not just 1 set, but 2 sets of the heretofore ultra rare and hard to find Headmaster heads.

This part features the humanoid trio of the 1987 exclusive Headmasters.

The first out of three is...

KIRK / KAKU (カーク Kāku) - transforms from head to humanoid (Nebulan?)
Out of these 3, I like Kaku's colour scheme the most. Grey for G1 just goes down very well.

The real deal - stamped "Takara '87"


RODNEY / LODONEY (ロドニー Rodonī) - transforms from head to humanoid (Nebulan?)
Probably the least favourite of the lot. Just not very fond of the garish colour scheme and the design in head mode. Robot mode is fine.

The real deal - stamped "Takara '87"



LOAFER   (ローファー Rōfā) - transforms from head to humanoid (Nebulan?)
This one is my second-least-favourite, if I can use such a term. Totally horrific to balance, the fella keeps keeling over and falls flat on his face due to being too top heavy.

The real deal - stamped "Takara '87"

"I have horns, I'm horny"

"So am I"

Next - G1 1987 Japanese exclusive Headmasters - Lione, Trizor, Shuffler


  1. I've always loved these guys since I first found out about them several years ago. Mainly I love the names. You go from having an Autobot named Brainstorm with a Nebulon named Arcana to having a guy named Kirk. It's just such a vanilla name. Still, I'd kill to have these guys. Great, great find!

  2. Dude, you wouldn't want to sell a set would you!? I love these guys and the animal HMs. Let me know if you would serious- Dude!

    1. Dude, a guy on TFW already nabbed my spare set immediately after I posted it on the G1 Appreciation thread. Sorry man, would have loved to sell to you.


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