28 June 2012

G1 1987 Japanese exclusive Headmasters - Lione, Trizor and Shuffler

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While the previous post focused on the humanoid trio of the 6 exclusive Headmasters, this one focuses on what to me is the more interesting trio - the heads that transform into animals!

Here is the first out of three animals...

LIONE (リオーネ Riōne) - transforms from head to lion and back.

Both the real deal - stamped "Takara '87".

"Who ya lookin' at?"

"You wanna take it outside?"

TRIZOR / TRIZER (トライザー Toraizā) - transforms from head to panther and back.
This is one of my favourite heads due to the very nice colour scheme and the fact that i have a soft spot for panthers.

Both the real deal - stamped "Takara '87".

"Hey handsome"

"Hey to you too"

SHUFFLER (シャフラー Shafurā) - transforms from head to elephant and back.
The last and final head out of the 6 (or 11) that I have acquired. Hailed by collectors as one of the hardest of the set of 6 HM heads to find and often regarded as the rarest. Among the 'animal' Headmasters, it also has the most different transformation scheme.

Red eyes, must be a Decepticon.

Elephant mode. Blue eyes too, must be an Autobot.


  1. Torture! Now you're just flaunting it :)

    1. Hey, you can't be complaining, you got the white ones dude! You are the MAN!

    2. You know how it is though, collectors can't be happy until they have them all! And I know I'll never see those other two white ones. I've been working on these heads for almost four years now and it's still not over!

    3. And when they have them all, they think of something else to collect! I've worked on them for about 2 and I still have not seen a single white head that I can buy... ah well, such is life.


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