22 September 2007

A stunnin' asthma story Part 2 - Breakdown, Drag Strip & Wildrider

Previous Chapter- A stunnin' asthma story Part 1

Not long after my Motormaster asthmatic aquisition, maybe a couple of weeks or 1 to 2 months at most, my brother and I got really sick. Mummy was convinced that we had to see a Chinese doctor (TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine in today's terms). We 2 little fellas objected violently of course. Afterall who likes the bitter tar like broth that was characteristic of most TCM remedies.

Mummy threw in her offer, '2 small Transformers, each, if you both go to the Chinese doctor now'. She sure knew how to work us back then.

'Okay!!!', we sprang up immediately. I smiled, knowing from the back of my mind that I will get another 2 of the 3 remaining Stunticons.

We went to People's Park to see the Chinese doctor and were made to take the medicine immediately (mummy was taking no prisoners and she wasn't about to be fooled by us little devils). We then hurried to OG (the same place I got Motormaster from) to get our '2 small Transformers each'.

We stood at the Transformers aisle for close to 30 minutes. I had to decide which 2 of Drag Strip, Breakdown or Wildrider i wanted; my brother had to decide which 2 of Air Raid, Fireflight, or Slingshot he wanted.

We came up with a plan. 'Mummy if you just buy us 2, we still cannot form the big robot. We need to get all 3 (each) so that the big robot will have all his arms and legs', we looked at her pleading with eyes moist.

Till this day, I am still unsure about what it was that swayed her; was it our pleading or that she was simply too tired of standing at the toy aisle for close to 90 minutes waiting for us to 'decide'? In the end, she said 'okay, let's get 3 for you and 3 for you', pointing to my brother and me respectively.

Success! I brought home Breakdown, Drag Strip and Wildrider; my brother got Air Raid, Fireflight and Slingshot. I can form Menasor and my brother can form Superion- we can make them fight like they did in Heavy Traffic (Marvel US #22)! Woohooooooo....!


Epilogue: Mummy spent S$12.90 x 6 = S$77.40, a really large amount of money especially after also paying for TCM, but she made her 2 little kids really happy and gave me a slice of my childhood that I will never forget. I can't find out whether our pleading or her impatience made her give in because she doesn't remember 'such small matters as toys and Transformers', but in the end I guess it matters less what her reasons were and more that she did in fact agree to buy us the toys.

Sadly, my Stunticons (and my brother's Aerialbots) were part of the lot given away as detailed in Chapter I of the Origin Story but I have re-obtained a Menasor when I re-started collecting Transformers.

My present set of Stunticons forming Menasor, all in C9.5 condition

Stunticon cardbacks from eBay

Now all I need to complete the circle is a Motormaster box...

*edit 15 Dec '09 - Motormaster box acquired!*

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