07 December 2014

Takara box Mailaway Camshaft MIB (#23 of 36)

This is piece #23 of 36 of the 36-piece mega-lot Japanese boxed Mail Away Ratchet.

There isn't really that much to say about this piece other than it's a mailaway "exclusive" in Japan, as can be seen by the words below. However, it is special in the sense that it came in a box and with styro inserts - the USA mailaway version came in a plastic bag.

The Japanese version came in a white box with blue line art.

White box with blue character line art, somewhat like the Japanese Mailaway Ratchet box.

Something that that USA release never had - Tech Specs bio and chart.

Side of the box

Camshaft unused.

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  1. camshaft will always hold a special place in my collection, I remember getting him in a lot as a kid, not knowing who he was until i found a mailaway paperwork a while later. I love that he has an unconventional transformation for a car bot.

    1. Camshaft was truely unconventional and even by today's standards, his transformation is still considered odd I'd say. Never had the chance to have any of these when I was young - mail-away offers didn't apply to singapore at all

  2. I love the Japanese mail-away boxes. Much better than the plain Hasbro ones ;)

    1. i thought the Hasbro ones only came in plastic bags?


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