30 January 2014

More acquisitions before the Lunar New Year - Canadian Bluestreak, GiG G2 Sideswipe, Scoop, misc parts

Today, I was off work at 3pm.

Walked home. Went to the post office to pick up parcel #5 in 2 days!

This was loot from Specimen-17, basically parts and odd and ends that I needed.

Canadian Bluestreak box - yet another for my Bluestreak collection!
Vintage TF notebook featuring Bluestreak in front
GiG G2 Sideswipe with package, complete
Scoop complete (finally)
04 x Thrust launchers
01 x Thrust short missile


  1. Very nice, I have seen a few Canadian Bluestreak boxes here, you should have told me lol. Do you have the canadian instructions? if not, I can keep my eyes open for a set for you. Can't believe you didn't have a Scoop, I really like that subgroup

    1. well, Scoop is an interesting story. I been buying Scoops, this is my third. For all the past times, one of the TMs were incorrect (mixed with Quickmix), but the seller was a friend, so i decided to just keep it and not get a refund. And when he was sending me replacement TMs, they also got mixed up - ie: not Scoop's missing TM.

      By that time we sorted what was what, all his Scoops were gone. Then on and off we will talk about it - fast forward 2-3 years and he finally got me the right Scoop.

      So yeah, I have him, but he is now finally complete.

  2. I love Canadian boxes! The only one I have right now is for Sureshot, but I just love it.

    1. i have quite a number of Canadian boxes actually, but not by choice though haha. I prefer US boxes, but for Streak, I will get the variants!


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