10 June 2013

Takara, Fight! Super Robot Life, 21-Reflector MIB

This Reflector post is dedicated to devstar37, a friend, a gentleman and a good guy. Here's hoping it will all work out!

For awhile, I have been writing about SCF figures. They have been awesome, but then I've not gotten around to writing about the G1 pieces that I love and that I have been acquiring. This is one of them - Japanese boxed 21-Reflector, considered by many to be one of the rarest of the early year Japanese Transformers and a character I am very fond of.

Significant also because it was a regular release in Japan, unlike in the USA where it was a mailaway exclusive in a completely white mailer box. The Japanese 21-Reflector comes in a 'standard' G1-styled box, with stunning box art, as is common place in that golden era of boys' toys.

Transformers box art typically seeks to show the audience the mode that is alternate to the one that the toy is packaged in. Where typically, TFs are packaged in their non-vehicle mode, the box art usually shows the robot mode of the toy. Reflector is special in the sense that it is packaged in robot mode and therefore the box art is actually of its alternate mode - a camera.

This is a shot of the side of the box.

This is the other side of the box, featuring the same graphic as the opposite side.

Bottom of the box, showing both modes.

This is a zoom in of the bottom of the box.

"Takara Co. Ltd. 1983, Made in Japan"

Back of the box, showing... erm... the back of box art for 1984 (rather than 1985, the year that Reflector was released in Japan).

Here is 21-Reflector with its Microchange counterpart cum predecessor - MC-05.

This is a shot of:
  • Microchange / Diaclone MC-05, counterpart cum predecessor of Transformers Reflector (bought from YHJ a couple of years back);
  • Transformers 21-Reflector (bought from eBay a few months back);
  • Reflector in robot mode (bought from VF1); and 
  • Reflector in camera mode (my original Reflector).
In a manner of speaking, this is the Reflector 'money shot', especially dedicated to devstar37.

A close up shot of the loose toys.

Close up shot of Reflector in robot mode.

Close up shot of Reflector in camera mode.

A shot showing the MC-05 art, TF box art and toy Reflector in camera mode.

A comparison shot between Transformers 21-Reflector and MC-05: Reflector.


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  1. Once again, you had to outshine me. ;) Kidding, even though I did snare a near-perfect MISB "Encore 03: Soundwave" specimen for 5,250 yen. :)

    However, truth be told, this toy reminds me of e-HOBBY's interview with Eric Hall. That, and the characters reminds me of Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days - As in the fact they only appear in season 1, but are neither seen nor referenced from season 2 and beyond.

    Besides that, nice piece. :)

    1. Encore Soundwave is nice dude!

      Well, this toy and (sort of) review has been inspired by Eric Hall in part. There is a reason that Reflector only appears in a very limited way - the toy was being phased out and not longer sold (or mailed away), so there was direction from Hasbro to writers telling the latter not to feature him in stories anymore.

      Still, his appearances in MTMTE and Roll for It really solidifies the status of this character in my mind.

    2. Thanks. :) Means a lot coming from you. But yeah, I got him and the Devastor giftset for a great price. The only culprit is the fact it appears that Soundwave's box suffered some minor damage (bottom, near the front). But that might be a factory issue, or even the original store that sold it. XP But yeah... 14 pieces to go. :)

      And with Reflector, I think I need to write up a theory about his post-season 1 whereabouts. :) Because personally, I think he was either hired by Skids so others knew he was there... Or... Is security in their underwater station.

      Plus, also tell your friend that I also hope the best for him. :)

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prvA-qUptp0

    I think this sums it all up....

  3. Very stunning! Did it came with the paperworks?


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