03 March 2013

OKC Part 4 - in which we peer at the right side of the main shelf

Now, we look at the right hand side of the 2 'main' shelves. The picture below summarises what they look like when standing from afar. The arrangement has gone through many iterations, and this set of photos merely show the latest iteration. heh.

I have subconsciously marked this side of the shelf as 'Decepticon territory', for Decepticon figures, mostly. However, the topmost part of the shelf quickly dispels that demarcation.

Here we see USA boxed examples of key Autobots - (top) pre-rub Prowl MIB, Pointblank MIB unused, Hardhead MIB; (bottom) Optimus Prime (blue version) and Ultra Magnus (variant plastic wheels version). It's interesting to note that the Prime and Magnus boxes are exactly the same hight and size! Who would have thought.

NB: Sometime today (3 March 2013), a blue version Prime that is MISB, not too much unlike the one pictured, actually sold on eBay for US$1999! Shocking. Really. Shocking. (link here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261178482819?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649)

This is the second layer from the top, mostly Japanese boxed TFs. There are actually about 5-6 giftsets at the back of this layer and not featured here! This is its previous incarnation, which I liked a lot, but then I shifted Apeface and Snapdragon over to the shelf on the right with the featured pieces, so ended up rearranging this shelf.

Previously, it has all the dino-cassettes (Autobot and Decepticon), the Japanese exclusive Godmaster figures, USA boxed Decepticon Targetmaster - Tiggerhappy, Slugslinger and Misfire, D-99: Apeface, D-100: Snapdragon and D-101: Soundblaster (hey, that's consecutive numbering!).

This is what the second layer from the top looks like at present. It shows a little bit of everything, really. eHobby anime accurate Astrotain, C-108: Artfire MISB, C-308: Doubleclouder MIB, D-50: Motormaster, Diaclone black Sideswipe (aka Vanguard) and pre-rub Ravage and Rumble MOSC. From this shot, you can also see that FansProject's Function X: Code has sneaked in...

Close up of shelf pieces. 

This is the next layer down, as it was previously. A preliminary display of loose pieces with jets in jet mode -the front, you can see the 6 Decepticon seekers and in the back, its the Triple Changers and Powermaster Darkwing and Dreadwind.

This is what it looks like now. Looks a lot more messy, but I wanted the seekers in plane mode still and have an SCF figure of each of them in robot mode. I've also started putting in the Decepticon combiners.

This is the part at the back of the seekers. There are Decepticon Headmasters and Headmasters Juniors, Insecticons, Clones and a TFC Starscream.

Close up of Black Zarak (this is my loose piece).

Some of my favourite SCF figures - chase Ghost Starscream, reformatting Megatron, Sixshot, Cyclonus and Galvatron.

Other SCF figures - chase eagle chest Deszaras, Liokaiser, BAF Black Zarak.

This is the third layer from the top, after some reconfiguration. Mostly, it was to make the combiners more prominent and also to bring some key characters to the forefront. I will go into more detail in the close up shots.

Close up. Here we can see the combiners (in background) Devastator and Menasor, then Predaking; (in the middleground) Liokaiser, Piranacon and Abominus; and (in the foreground) Monstructor. Oh, did I say that I hoped a third party company would make a third party Monstructor, that'd be awesome!

This is the other side, and basically features key characters cum leaders - (front) the Decepticon Triple Changers, Blitzwing can be considered a leader at some point (Triple Takeover) and so can perhaps Astrotrain (Triple Takeover and The God Gambit); then there is Thunderwing. (middleground) Galvatron and Deszaras, real baddies these guys. (background) Bludgeon and Black Zarak.

This is the last and final layer of this shelf on the right - USA boxed Scorponok, D-311: Black Zarak (my boxed piece), C-112: Autobot Clones, unused; C-324: Star Saber MIB unused.


  1. Love it! I get inspired and jealous looking at your collection - all at the same time! Thanks for sharing your display!

  2. Oh I am liking this. Looks like you are "rotating the stock" every couple of months so everyone gets a spot out front :)

    1. heh, yes, I am rotating stock. It's the 1984 and 85 stuff that i have in front now. HMs and TMs may be next to feature in front....

  3. You're not worry about yellowing with your lights in the cabinets or from the room?

    1. hmmm... it's a good point. It did cross my mind, but that's why i chose LED strip lights, which give out next to no heat. Other than heat, I believe that its UV rays that actually causes yellowing and the shelves are strategically placed to never be hit by direct sunlight.

      I usually only on the lights for 2-3 hours per night and in the day, there is sufficient daylight to 'light' them. I guess, I'll only truly know if this arrangement works when things start to yellow (or not). =)

  4. Wow!! Just read all 4 parts. Great place you guys moved into and a classy display for your collection!

    1. Thanks buddy! It took a lot of time and blood to get this place done on top of working, undergoing an Op and packing up the TFs!

  5. Hm, where are the Henkeis and 3rd parties shelves?

    1. its a good question! Since my ambition was to have all G1 up in the shelves, there was no space left for the Henkei / Classics / 3rd Party stuff. I still have a full collection of those, but then, just dont have the space to display them, yet....

      I'm beginning to (privately) sell down parts of my boxed collection, so I anticipate that there will be space for the Henkei / Classics / 3rd Party stuff in future...

  6. Cmon H.D you gotta post more!! You got great stuff! You are my go-too blog about G1 TFs. Keep the G1 love alive!

  7. Sick display man!! Let me know when the black Countach is for sale (;
    Haha! Seriously badass!!
    Dude it looks like a lil bit of heaven in there!!

    1. thanks dude! Black Countach will not be for sale, hahaha...
      It is my slice of heaven here, for sure =)


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