09 September 2010

Cliffbee.com reviews

As I mentioned here, I will only have all of 5 Transformers in my possession for the next month. This now is a point in my life where I have the least Transformers in my possession, ever. Even after my mum gave away 99.99% of my toys back in the early '90s, I still had more Transformers than I have now (back then I had the 5 Predacons, Optimus Prime and Grimlock = 7 TFs).

Despite my TF-less state now, I managed to do some good before all of them got shipped off. I lent the very astute and dedicated toy-reviewer extraordinaire owner of Cliffbee.com a number of toys for him to review.  Why does he need the actual toys, one might ask. The answer is that he does not review a toy unless he is able to handle and see it physically, even if the piece is a 'repaint' of say a US release. To my mind, that makes his reviews accurate and in a way authoritative.

Here are the pieces that I lent Cliffbee.com for review:
Oh, and he takes great pictures of the toys!

~ HD


  1. Ciffbee was the first website that i have use to know everything about transformers. Give to the owner my compliments from me.

  2. From my own reading, I have a sense that the Cliffbee owner is an Autobot fan. Superion has the same review score as Predaking? I bet he is like one of only five people in the world who has that opinion. What's even funnier is Piranacon also scoring less than Superion. And the best combiner is Computron? He seems to have an issue with Predaking's price but not Computron? With all the reissues, you can get a diecast MISB Predaking for less than 200. Can anybody point out a similar thing with Computron?

  3. hey Andres, I'm meeting Cliffbee on Saturday. I'll be sure to give him the kudos from you.

    @ Anonymous: I agree with you. While I find Cliffbee to be mostly fair and objective, it's strange that Superion has such a high score and one that matches Predaking. Personally, I think that Superion is one of the, if not the, weakest combiner toys from G1. It is also the most boring because the 4 smaller robots basically have almost the exact same transformation. I do think however, that his recommendations are more personal and subjective - in that he might not recommend a piece if its too expensive or hard to find, ie: no value for money. For example, it's really hard to recommend Minelba when the asking price for a loose piece is $600.


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