09 March 2015

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 6 Chase figures - Dirge and metallic Galvatron

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It's been some time since my previous SCF post - the last SCF post. Shockingly, it's been more than a year, almost 17 months ago in fact!

It's only recently that I started thinking about SCFs again after talking to a fellow collector and I though, hey, I still have not finished that SCF Chase figures series of articles that I set out to do so long ago. What's wrong with me? Why did I take so long? I don't know the answer to be honest. I guess, things go in the way... but now, I'm determined to try to push a few through, starting with this one.

Ironically, it was actually this very pair of SCFs that got me back into the SCF game once more after writing off Chase figures as 'too difficult' to collect, back in the early 2000s.

I checked the date of the photo that I snapped on that day and its 8 May 2012 - a full 3 years ago, to this date!!! This is the photo I snapped after I happened upon this ACT 6 pair during one of my toy shopping trips in the Yau Ma Tei area, back in 2012 (I recognise the background as my old place in Causeway Bay). The full story is here.

Writing this just brings back so many fond memories...

Previously, I have talked about the chase figures for ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3ACT 4 and ACT 5.

So far, except perhaps for the ACT 4 chase figures, each ACTs' chase figures have been highly desirable, special and has an undeniable place in Transformers lore, mythos and history. This ACT's Chase figures are no exception.

For ACT 6 of the Takara's SCF line, the 2 chase figures are:
  1. Dirge; and
  2. metallic Galvatron.
I think its common ground that not many people care overly much about metallic Galvatron since there was a not to dissimilar regular coloured Galvatron in a previous ACT, however Dirge is essential to complete the 3 coneheads, 2 others of which came with this ACT (Thrust and Ramjet). Sure, there was subsequently a Heroes of Cybertron (US release) version of Dirge, but it simply isn't the same.

So, let's start with the less interesting and save the better for later...

- Galvatron - metallic finish version (or 'metallic Galvatron') -

ACT 3 Chase reformatting Megatron turning into Galvatron, a la Transformers: The Movie!

A comparison shot showing Galvatron in metallic finish (left) and Galvatron in regular colours (right). To be honest, I don't know what's the utility of releasing a metallic finish Galvatron, other than to just fill up a Chase figure 'slot'. It's not wildly different from the regular release version and I don't believe it ties into some event in the cartoon either (unlike many of the previous Chase figures).

- Dirge -
Next up with have Dirge, hands down one of the most desirable and most sought after Chase figures. The main reason is that Dirge is needed to complete the 'coneheads' trio and basically round off this particular ACT, which came with Thrust and Ramjet. In the spirit of resonance like in the 80s where Dirge was a Japanese exclusive mail-away figure in Japan, Takara decided to make Dirge an exclusive Chase figure for the SCF line as well...

Other than the paint applications (which in themselves are vastly different), the key difference between the SCF Dirge and the HoC Dirge is the molding for his head - the SCF version is cartoon accurate and has a nice and sharp cone, whereas the HoC version has a very rounded head and looks completely ridiculous.

In around this same period (back in May 2012), I was fortunate enough to chance upon not just 1, but 2 SCF Dirges!

The second Dirge has (long) since been sold to my good buddy and collector friend the very awesome Arkvander.

 SCF Dirge and his G1 counterpart in plane mode.

In terms of Chase figures, Dirge is certainly way up there near the top of my list of favourite SCFs, but metallic Galvantron is pretty near the bottom conversely.

It's ironic that the very same ACT produced figures that I like a lot and another than I don't really care much for. However, notice that I only said that Dirge was essential to completing the 'coneheads' (ie: the 1985 seekers), but I didn't say to complete all the seekers. 

That would be another story in itself and would be way more difficult than just acquiring SCF Dirge...

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  1. I was glad when Hasbro released Dirge in their Heroes of Cybertron line. Being a fan of the character I was glad to be able to add him to my collection w/o having to break the bank.

    Do you know of any differences between the S.F.C. and HoC versions?


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