03 November 2013

Japanese Transformers Takara D-99: Apeface and D-100: Snapdragon MIB

The first thing I gotta say is that these 2 were not part of my loot of 36 G1 Japanese Transformers.

D-99: Apeface and D-100: Snapdragon were bought some time ago in HK and somehow I have 'forgotten' about them and forgotten to write about them here.

D-99: Apeface, with USA Apeface MIB (box not pictured), D-100: Snapdragon, with USA Snapdragon MIB (box not pictured), and another loose Snapdragon. The intent is to be able to have Snapdragon in Robot, Plane and Dragon mode displayed all at once.

To be fair, they are 2 of the few Transformers in my display cabinets that actually have a dedicated section. So, I'm not being that bad to them.

D-99 and D-100 with my Bluestreak dedicated shelf. For more, see here.

For collectors who has been following or reading my blog for sometime, you would know that Apeface and Snapdragon are 2 of my favourite Transformers - certainly my favourite Headmasters, but high on my list of favourite TFs. I have written about them more extensively back in 2008 / 2009, so I will not go into detail here - links to my previous posts are provided at the end of this post.

Let's start then, with a closer look at D-99.

Here he is MIB, with the box in very good condition.

My USA Apeface with his Japanese boxed brother.

For completeness, my USA box MIB Apeface is here


Now we look at D-100: Snapdragon. There is a little flaw in the box, there are creases on the part of his box art where he is holding his gun - that area sort of peeled off a little.

Back of the box

USA releases loose with Japanese release of Snapdragon

D-99 and D-100 side by side, with USA versions of Apeface and Snapdragon below.

Altogether, sort of a money shot. I didn't have a large enough background to shoot them altogether with their USA boxes, so that money shot will have to wait... haha

Apeface and Snapdragon, stunning figures with complimentary colour schemes. Headmasters and triple changers to boot. If there is a highpoint in the HM line, these 2 have to be it. I really don't think their colours can be improved, which could be why Takara didn't even try to recolour them, as they did for many other Japanese exclusive figures.


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  1. I want :(

    And secretly inside I'm hoping for a third party company to do a version of these 2

    1. it would be interesting to see what they come up with.
      For 2 characters with such awesome toys (perhaps some of the best in 1987), these 2 have really been under-exposed in TF media of all forms.

    2. Now we have Kingorilla and Kingzilla!

  2. Hi HD,
    Nice article! I like how you show both the Us and Takara versions together. I don't have these guys myself , but I think it's because maybe they don't get the "airtime" that a lot of of the other guys do, except for maybe in the comics. What do you think the going rate is for these figures and aside from them being some of your favourites, do you think they should be in most collections?

    1. Hi Joe, a very warm welcome to you here! =)

      As you can see, I have added your blog to the List of my Favourite Blogs. I have read some of your blog and I do like it.

      Certainly, these guys did not get the airtime that they deserve and some other characters got more airtime than they should. Back in the 80s, (main cast aside) it seems that the smaller, more obscure or suckier toys would get more airtime - to sell the suckier toys.

      The ones with really nice toys, like Apeface, Snapdragon or even Slugslinger, Misfire or Triggerhappy for example, didn't get much airtime. Perhaps its because the toys can speak for themselves and kids back then would get them anyway, despite airtime? I certainly would have gotten them if i were allowed to.

      Going rate for these varies. Although they are awesome toys, I don't think they are in very high demand actually. I'd say for USA boxed, around $150 would be right? For Jap box, probably $250 to $300?

      I certainly think they should be in collections. These are great toys. They are HMs. And they are triple changers! Robot, plane and animal. They have it all. They are also the only HMs whose head has a triple function - robot head, animal head, and robot.

  3. I've been lusting after Apeface since I was 11. The closest I ever got was when a girl gave me his head for some reason. I'm gonna have to get him sooner or later...

    1. that's a nice girl right there.
      The heads for these 2 are also very special, like I mentioned in my comments above.

  4. I never owned Apeface up until a few months ago...and I love him! Still prefer Snapdragon though. Dinosaurs beat monkeys.

    1. I used to prefer Snapdragon over Apeface when i was young, by a massive margin. But now that margin has shrunk, I think a lot can be said for Apeface and I think he is nice in both plane and monkey mode.

      Snapdragon is still my preference though.

      imagine if Roberts has cast Snapdrgon in MTMTE and have him fight Grimlock in issue #8!

  5. I cant decide which I like better but they both have seriously minty boxes!

    1. I know mate, totally get it. It's hard to decide between these 2, really. The are both very well designed and constructed. Such solid materials.

  6. Very nice. I still have my childhood Apeface. Even as a kid I never understood why these guys didn't get a greater presence. They are really great toys.

    1. Yeah, it's hard to understand why they didn't feature better - nice size, nice box art, nice toy and triple changer. So envious that you have Apeface as a kid...


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