23 February 2013

OKC Part 3 - in which we explore the left side of the main shelf

Now, we look at one of the 2 'main' shelves. The picture below summarises what they look like when standing from afar. The arrangement has gone through many iterations, and this set of photos merely show the latest iteration. heh.

This is the top layer, where its mostly Japanese MIB stuff. The boxes go 60cm deep, so there are lots more boxes behind, but they cannot be seen. As explained in my previous post, I needed the shelves to be 60cm deep so that I can accommodate Fort Max in city mode - the result is a deep shelving space, but the downside is that things must be put behind and might not be seen.

This top layer shows - D-304: Hydra, D-305: Buster, D-309: Black Shadow, D-310: Blue Bacchus and C-326: Galaxy Shuttle. Also shows the very limited and rare MC Axis Model Kits (Arcee, Elita-One and Hot Rod)

This is the second layer. Also contains lots of MIB Japanese TFs (behind). In front are - lucky draw black Tracks, Goodbye Megatron giftset, D-307: Overlord (this is my near C-10, previously MISB, unused piece), D-308: Browning, diaclone Jeep (ie: Hound) and Generations Deluxe Lucky Draw God Primus.

This is the next few layers down. I previously had FM displayed in city mode and lots of SCFs populating it, but then I rearranged it! Now FM is in robot mode and in the middle of many glass panels. One layer shows my SCFs, the next shows the 1984 and 1985 Autobots.

Some close up shots of the SCFs - there are chase figures mixed in with regular figures. This shot shows-
front: chase crystal Hot Rod (Maz's favourite) and regular Hot Rod behind, Cerebros, Alpha Trion, Paradron Medic, back: diaclone coloured Ultra Magnus, chase battle damage Convoy, chase silver coated Convoy with Matrix (one of my favourite figures).

A clearer shot of diaclone coloured Ultra Magnus, chase battle damage Convoy, chase silver coated Convoy with Matrix (one of my favourite figures) and Dai Atlas.

Chase Convoy holding Megatron with rocket pack - my all time favourite SCF figure! yum!

Shot of the same 2 shelves at an angle.

Shot showing Fortress Maximus among small TFs.

Shot of my pre-rub 'bloated' Optimus Prime with Fortress Maximus in the background.

Misc 1984 and 1985 Autobots.

This is sort of the next 2 layers down. One features all 5 Dinobots, in robot and dinosaur mode. Another contains lots of Micromasters and minispies.

This is a shot at an angle. Notably the robot mode Swoop (diaclone) and Slag (red-faced Canadian version) are special to me.

SCF Convoy among the Dinobots - scale looks about right, no?

The Omnibots and the exclusive Japanese Headmaster heads - Shuffler, Lione, Trizor, Rodney, Kaku and Loafer. At the risk of sounding elitist, these are the genuine Takara made ones (ie: Shuffler was very difficult to obtain!).

Behind the MMs, there are the 1987 / 1988 Pretenders and 1988 Targetmasters. The plan is that these will be 'rotated forward' at a certain time.

Punch / Counterpunch.

This is the bottom layer, which I have custom sized so that it fits 2 Fortress Maximus boxes. Here we see the USA Fortress Maximus box and the C-114 Japanese Fortress Maximus box.


  1. Love that side of the room. Still looking for a japanese autobot clones box for a "reasonable" price!

    1. C-112 is not rare... but then a good price is something of a rarity nowadays, rarer than the rare toys themselves...

  2. Drool clean up on aisle 10!! Awesome as always Brandon!

  3. I guess I have to up the ante once I have the money, eh HD? Maybe even do an exhibit every April 1st, when I have a place, detailing your prediction of Fort Max. That, and maybe a photoshopped pic of you frozen in carbonite and graded a C-9.75 by the BCA (Blogging Collector Authority) on Bespin. :p

    But that aside, I like how you show off your wares. :) Hopefully, when I have the time, space, place, and money, I can do this as well. I already have my stuff into two categories and their two sub-categories. Namely, one is Takara only and the other are Takara versions/variations of characters seen in Takara/Hasbro series.

    Oh, and since my plans have not changed (the AFA bit), I will make sure that I have the theme song to Love Story playing when/if you can see my collection. ;)

    1. Hi Phil, an exhibit every 1st April seems to me to be a good idea – that’s where we’ll predict future trends… maybe an eHobby repaint of MP-09 into God Primus; reissue Black Zarak with Mega Zarak (Scorponok) as the eHobby exclusive just to throw people off; MP Tracks (and repainted into Road Rage, black Tracks and yellow Tracks (literally “Tiger Tracks”); reissue of the entire SCF collection in giftset type box; and many more…

      If I were frozen in carbonite and graded 9.75, then Takara would release me as “C-975”.

      So you have a Japanese only display and another one for the exclusives that are repainted from US characters?

      Looking forward to seeing your display too. =)

    2. Hey. Glad you like the idea. :) And as we speak, I think Scorponok is a good contender to be Encore #24 and a "series accurate" Lander being either a Generations 2013 Vol.1 or Vol.2 offer.

      And as for my collection - It is going to be split it into Takara G1 and non-G1 (Alternity, GT, Henkei!, Prime) variants. That, along with some non-TF stuff, will have something mentioning why they are there. :) So I am hoping that "MP" Alert will give you security clearance once I can get a place to display my pieces. :p

    3. Actually, I think that whether they do a "big" TF as another Encore would depend on how well the sales for Fort Max goes. Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx fared badly as Encores. If FM sells well, perhaps Scorpy could be on the horizon, but if not, why not just do more combiner teams? It's easy enough.

      We'll need MP alert and security officer's Ironhide's clearance...

  4. I like how you have your MM displayed in vehicle form. I wanted to do the same, but space is at a premium. In robot form I find they more resemble dominos than anything else! Doh!

    1. in vehicle form, they look quite grand. Most of them look dorky in robot mode and also different heights, so I didn't do robot mode (also, I wasn't keen to transform close to 50 pieces of MMs into robots!).

      Do you have a shot of your MMs? would like to see heehee


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