09 October 2012

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 1 Chase figures - Metallic finish Convoy and Megatron

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Like I mentioned in the previous chapter, some of the hardest SCF figures to get are the "Chase" figures that came blind-packed in each ACT. I recalled that when ACT 1 was released, I did not even have any idea what the Chase figures were.

At the time, all the toy action took place at Clarke Quay in Singapore, on Sundays. There I was on the Sunday that SCF ACT 1 was released, back in December 2000. I was so excited about this first ACT because I knew that it contained many of my favourite G1 characters.

I bought a sealed carton from what must have been Hourstore at the time. I ran to the fire stairs with a friend and we started peeling the individual boxes open. First box, no Chase figure... second box, no Chase figure... third box, still no Chase figure...

I proceeded to gleefully open all 12 blind-packed boxes and discovered that I did not get a single Chase figure.

Then I walked around and looked at other shops that did not sell sealed cartons - ie: they opened the cartons and extracted any Chase figures they could find. At one such shop, I saw what the ACT 1 Chase figures were... and I was blown away.

Here they are in their full glory.

The ACT 1 Chase figures were:

  1. Optimus Prime (Convoy) in metallic colours wielding his laser axe; and 
  2. Megatron in metallic colours wielding his flail / morningstar
Both chase figures were inspired from the even by then classic episode More Than Meets The Eye Part 2.

Wow, just wow.

This is the classic scene from MTMTE Part 2.

Optimus Prime battles Megatron "high atop Sherman Dam" (or was it "iron 'top, Sherman Dam"?)

I thought at the time that I had to get these Chase figures, I just had to. Try as I might, I just could not get anyone who owned them to part with them - I mean, who in their right mind would part with such classic renditions of such classic characters. There was just no way. I was to be left disappointed until recently, a whole 12 years after the fact.

- Optimus Prime (Convoy) in metallic colours wielding laser axe -

From MTMTE Part 2...

- Megatron in metallic colours wielding flail / morningstar - 

From MTMTE Part 2...

Close up of Optimus Prime

Close up of Megatron

At the time, what made it even harder to get these ACT1 Chase figures was the fact that they were KO-ed by China due to their immense popularity. In other words, there were fake versions of these by the year 2001, making hunting for the genuine ones very difficult.

As an illustration, such was their popularity that the KOs extended to even larger scale renditions of their smaller sized SCF counterparts. See photo below, where the smaller Prime is actually a genuine to scale SCF figure and the other 2 are over-sized KO versions!

Next - Takara SCF ACT 2 Chase figures!


  1. Wow...those are awesome! I love how Prime is pointing like "Hey Megs...you're gonna get it..."

    1. it's like the episode Divide and Conquer I think, is where the designers got the finger pointing inspiration - "I, Optimus Prime, challenge you Megatron"

  2. How much are these chase figures worth? Also, there is TF Confrontation Set 01: Convoy vs Megatron? Same scale. Since it's limited, any idea on price?
    - Jazzcomp (OTCA)


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