18 July 2012

Takara Japanese exclusive Menasor and Defensor decoys MISP

Bought this during my recent trip to Osaka and Tokyo

I saw them on the first day, hesitated, but then bought them on the last day. Since these 2 decoys were of 2 of my favourite combiners, Defensor and Menasor, I decided to go for them in the end. Even got a 1000yen discount off the store owner.

Continues from my Decoy madness awhile back! - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

I'm not really sure of the history behind these 2 decoys, but then, I've never seen them before. They are also taller than the standard sized decoys.

Some photos.

Back of packaging.

Close up of Defensor decoy.

Close up of Menasor decoy.


  1. I think 'decoy madness' says it all really heh - I've found the blue versions to be the hardest to locate in particular predaking and trypticon, the rest come up from time to time on ebay. All of my larger decoys live in the candy tin you featured just the other week!

    1. heh, I think I'm more opportunistic than really raving mad for Decoys. I won't go out of the way to look for them, but if I see something, I will probably buy it.

      Do you know how many large decoys there are? (I actually am not aware that they exist!)

    2. 40 in this 'Forms robo' set - 10 different figures in 4 colours, I have 21 or 22 after collecting them for 4 years...so by 2016 I should be done! There is a couple on ebay but they are a bit pricey.

    3. I have a giant Metroplex decoy and one other (Ultra Magnus maybe?) Both are still sealed like the two you found. I came across them about 10 years ago and thought them interesting enough (and cheap enough, at the time) to pick up. Been in storage for quite a while which is why I don't remember exactly who the second one is. But yes, they do exist. Perhaps the genesis of another appendix to your collection?

    4. hi Payload, thanks for the additional information. What colours were your decoys do you remember?

  2. Those are nice looking! It looks like they're about twice the size of the regular decoys as well.

    1. Yes, they are about twice the size of regular Decoys, which is nice, since they are combiners. =)


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