04 April 2010

Powermaster Joyride

Bought this from stella eBay seller Specimen-17

This was part of a large lot of TFs that I bought from Specimen-17 and by far, the sweetest and in the best condition.

I was looking for a Joyride for a little while now, and more so after I had acquired Getaway (in Japanese box as Lightfoot) and Slapdash MIB. While the 1988 Powermasters are not rare, they are still hard to come by on eBay and harder to come by a a reasonable price.

The condition of this Joyride MIB just blew me out of the water. The slight issue is that its tech specs has been removed from the back of its box, more so is the pity.

Joyride MIB
Toy: C9.5
Box: C8 (due to removal of tech spec)

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